We are MAAD enough to think that we can change the world. We took a look around and we noticed that the status quo may not be a safe option anymore. Thus, we have come to the strange conclusion that in madness lies sanity.  So we're actually NOT MAAD for believing that profits and purpose can elevate each other, and we're NOT MAAD for choosing to help our brightest business leaders scale companies that benefit from solving society's biggest problems. A better world through better organizations. "Those who were seen dancing were thought to be MAAD by those who could not hear the music”.

01 | Impact

Impact is your core business. Drive systemic change through a sustainable business model, not a sustainability…

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02 | Culture

Culture ·meets· impact for breakfast. Values have the power to add sustainable value to your company and society

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03 | Organization

Design a customer centric organization where productivity per person increases as you scale. Bring the right balance…

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04 | People

Learn to attract top talent into your organization, and to retain it by making sure they are being successful at their…

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MAAD Impact

ALU | Hiring at scale

Inspired by Google's successful approach, we launched an "Internal Talent Agency" to delight and evaluate top…

THE ROOM | Customer-centric organization

We designed & implemented a new “personalized” organizational structure based on the company’s customer journey in…

Agrolimen | Embedding Sustainability into Core business

Agrolimen engaged on a multi-year plan starting from the identification of megatrends & systemic issues that their…

GBfoods | From Value to Values

The definition of your culture, your values, should follow a strategic rationale. By identifying your consumer value…

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